Do you ever fantasise about being tied up, restrained, helpless, while somebody gives you affection, pleasure and orgasms? Well then read on!

I was recently made redundant after ten years working for the same company in IT, doing documentation and training. My redundancy package allows me to take some months to decide what I want to do next, so a friend asked me - what do I enjoy? Really enjoy? The answer is kink. Primarily tying up women and giving them pleasure, although I don't consider myself to be a 'dom' - and certainly not a 'master' - I like to be tender and affectionate with my restrained playmates.

I'm well known and respected on the London kink scene (I crew at LAM, am an ambassador for ClubDVS, and run Perves In The Park), and as such I have a reputation to uphold. I will only play within clearly and previously agreed limits, with safe words and/or signals. I will not play with anyone who claims to have "no limits" or "no safe word".

My Fetlife profile has more photos that show some of my handiwork, and I have extensive and excellent feedback from escorts that I have hired and played with (see below).

Please note that I do 'Western' style bondage and restraint - not shibari!

*Everything* is subject to negotiation, agreed limits (do you want to be clothed, semi-clothed, naked? Do you want to be touched - if so, where?) and safe words.

I would be happy to meet you socially beforehand - in a pub, coffee bar, or other public place - with no obligation and no fee. In fact I strongly recommend meeting in public first so that you can see that I'm genuine and actually a nice bloke :-)

I can also accompany you to munches and events if you're nervous about joining in (and we all were, at first).

Or maybe you're not ready to take that step yet. Perhaps you have hidden desires, fantasies, that are exciting but a bit scary? That you can't tell anyone - maybe even your partner? As an experienced therapist/counsellor who worked in adult mental health for ten years, I can offer a safe space and a confidential ear to help explore your thoughts - and tell you some of the realities of BDSM and the kink scene. Believe me, 50 Shades is an abomination and insult to those of us who take this seriously. I can offer this in person, via Skype/VSee, or over the phone.
NB please note I am *not* a qualified psychotherapist and am not offering 'therapy'. If this is what you are looking for, I can put you in touch with some highly qualified, very experienced, kink-friendly therapists.

I can also offer 'double' sessions with the delicious Sally1Anne - both of us switch and can be dominant or submissive with you. Although based in Streatham I have the use of private apartments in Marylebone and Liverpool Street, also hotel meets are possible.

I offer
 - Bondage with rope, cuffs, straps, chains, body harness, spreader bars, etc.
 - Gags (but only if you want to be gagged) - ball gags, harness gags, bit gag, spider gag, tape gag, scarf gag, etc.
 - Blindfolds and hoods
 - Collars and leash
 - Armbinder (single glove), bondage mitts
 - Spanking and light-to-medium flogging
 - Tie and tease
 - Breast bondage
 - Verbal humiliation within your limits
 - Sensory deprivation
 - Stimulation with vibrators (doxy, lovense domi, we-vibe, lelo sona, rampant rabbit, bullet, etc.)
 - Butt plugs (vibrating or not) and anal hook
 - Wax play
 - Electrics (violet wand and TENS machine)
 - Pinwheel, nipple clamps
 - Oral (discretionary)
 - French kissing (discretionary)
 - Massage
 - Twosomes with an attractive young female (dominant or submissive)
 - Hugs and cuddles
 - Chats
 - Supportive 'counselling' and a sympathetic ear (I'm not a qualified therapist but have many years of mental health experience)

I do *not* offer
 - Whipping, caning, anything that leaves marks that last more than a few hours
 - Extreme pain or torture
 - Consensual non-consent
 - Breath play, knives, needles, etc.
 - Penetrative sex
 - Anything involving blood, poo, vomit, children or animals

Everything must be 'Safe, Sane, and Consensual'.

Feedback from escorts I've hired and tied:
 - Skilled Fun reliable gentleman highly recommend for kinky bondage looking forward to my next visit xx

 - C is wonderful & endearing; a fellow pervert! Had a wonderful time being completely & utterly spoiled!

 - I always have a great time with this gentleman,we start relaxed, catching up,and then the fun begins hehe ;)always complimentary about the service afterwards X

 - Highly recommend this skilled and pro kinky man dont miss out xx love to see again

 - Exciting meet. Great time. A real gent. Recommended x

 - Fantastic meet with a kinkster of great knowledge, understanding and creativity highly recommended x
 - Such a lovely guy. Id say one of my all time favourite clients ever. No lie. a pleasure in every sense. LADIES DON'T MISS OUT. If this was uber you'd get 5*++
 - Wow! I loved our session. A very charming guy x thank you x
 - Amazing time with an amazing gent do not overlook this naughty gent ! defo a fav of mine ;p
 - Fantastic couple of hours, I had a lot of fun with this lovely man!
 - Mmmmm I really enjoyed my time with this naughty gentleman. So kinky, loved it. Come back soon
 - i wont kiss and tell but if you get approached for a session don't miss out on it, Worth while xx
 - very kinky session with a charming true gent
 - Another great time with a very kinky tie up session, always a pleasure to see hopefully we will again soon xxx
 - Wow can't wait for another visit, a perfect master and what a genuine guy. The added bonus is he's extremely kinky ladies xxxxx
 - What a fabulous booking very kinky, honestly had the time of my life with a brilliant genuine guy. Hopefully ill see you again really soon xxxxx
 - always a pleasure x love meeting up x respectable, chatty & very good company
 - A PERFECT kinky session with a wonderfully skilled gentlemen. Look forward to a repeat x
 - Very nice time! Clean, funny, clever :) I hope to see you soon :)
 - very genuine and respectable. does enjoy bondage but is in no way into giving pain or humiliation. definitely had a blast! would love to do it again
 - Had a fantastic evening. Loved teasing and tying cannot wait until next time!!! x X x
 - My favourite client. Charming polite respectful and great fun to be with. What else i need?
 - Kinky horny games with great guy and one new experience for me. Can't wait till next time ;)
 - Wow!!! What can i say? I really enjoyed our session. It was something quite new for me and i definitely want try it again. Welcome any time xxx
 - Truly enjoyable time with lovely person. Great company, amazing oral skills. Polite and very friendly. Thank you xxx
 - Fantastic man who instantly put my mind at ease at letting him completely bind/restrict me on first meeting. Recommended gent. Thanks for tying me up so well.


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